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Massage & Add Ons

Add on one or more of our á la carte offerings to enhance the experience and results of your facial or corrective peel.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Massage—Face & Neck $80

Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a specialized advanced massage technique, particularly suited to acne conditions. MLD gently pumps stagnant lymph fluid from the tissues, forcing replacement with fresh lymphatic fluid. MLD is a very effective compliment to any facial treatment.

Benefits of MLD ®

  • removes metabolic wastes, excess water, toxins, bacteria from tissues.
  • relaxes the sympathetic nervous system, thus helping to relieve stress.
  •  supports and enhances the action of the immune system.
  •  helps the body to heal more quickly from surgical trauma, chronic conditions and edema.
  •  helps to minimize scar formation.
Surrender Massage- (Treatment for Headaches, TMJ, Stress) $95

Indulge in this magical ritual that incorporates passive stretching, acupressure and deep- tissue massage to create a balance of energy and deep relaxation. Focus is on the upper body, especially the head, neck and scalp.

Guided Meditation $50

Meditation is the conscious process of turning attention inward. Ordinarily, our minds are focused on external objects– through meditation, we begin a process of learning how to focus our attention when and where we want it to go. Guided meditation is where one person actively guides another into a state of relaxation and meditation through the use of visualizations and guided imagery. The best thing about this is that you don’t have to “work” to get into a deep state of meditation. All you have to do is listen and follow the instructions and feel the stress and tension melt away.

Back Facial $150
Extra Massage (every 15 minutes) Add $40

Ever feel like you just need extra time and don’t want the treatment to end? Well just say so! Add extra minutes and continue enjoying the fabulous scalp, shoulder or hand massage.

Aromatherapy $30

Your sense of smell connects directly with your emotions and instincts, so certain aromas can trigger the healing power within. Essential oils have been scientifically proven to have powerful effects on mood, emotion, the immune system and general well-being. I use only aromatherapy products of the very highest, therapeutic quality to leave you feeling positive and re-energized like never before!

Custom Mask $50

A corrective mask formulated to lighten, tighten or brighten any skin condition with a concentrated blend of acidophilus and whey.

Thermo-Algae Mask $30

Seaweed treatment mask suited for all skin conditions. Rich in vitamins, minerals and amino acids. This is a soothing and cooling treatment that leaves pores and the skin looking clean, healthy and vibrant. An express ticket to a beautiful complexion! Add it to any facial service and receive instant benefits.

Eyebright $40

Replenishes damaged/thinning skin around eyes, collagen stimulating and a superior hydrating and  firming treatment.

Brow Tinting $30
Lash Tinting $50