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Sacral Chakra: Orange Love

January 8, 2016
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If you don’t know anything about the chakras this is a brief summary and why they are important. There are 7 main chakras. The word chakra is derived from a Sanskrit word meaning wheel or spinning wheel. Think of a spinning vortex or wheel of energy. They are located vertically up the spine starting at […]

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Mint Chocolate Chip Kale Smoothie

December 13, 2012

Mint Chocolate Chip Kale Smoothie Great protein shake to power you through your day or for a great post workout drink!!   Serving for 2 1½ cups bottled spring water 6 tablespoons raw organic cashews 2 tablespoons organic coconut oil 2 tablespoons organic coconut milk a sprig or two of fresh organic mint leaves 4 […]

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Clear Skin Probiotic Smoothie

December 10, 2012

Sip your way to clear skin with this great smoothie recipe with cleansing and healthy ingredients.  Coconut Kefir – Coconut Kefir restores with the healthful benefits of live probiotics. Promotes healthy microflora ecology in the G.I. tract( the skin and digestive health have a cross relationship) It’s gluten free, dairy free, soy free, naturally low […]

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Harvest Pumpkin Soup

November 15, 2012

Nothing says “fall” like  a brightly colored pumpkins and the amazing aroma of pumpkin anything!! A powerful superfood, pumpkins aren’t just for decoration or carving up. They are actually good and healthy to eat. One of the highest sources of beta-carotene is found in these brightly colored vegetables. Pumpkins rank high in this nutrient along […]

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Spring Training

March 31, 2010

This winter  was a difficult one that left many feeling exhausted, overwhelmed  and blue (common symptoms of  the “Winter Blues.”) Clearing your skin, mind and body with a cleansing  for the change of the season is a great way to regroup. One of the best ways to feel lighter and put a little spring in […]

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