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Sweet Plantain Pancakes

August 7, 2013

Aaah, the plantain, cheap, sweet and delicious and yes, healthy!  Growing up plantains were always a staple in our kitchen and if your Latin American, most likely in yours too. They are originally from Southeast Asia, but have become a staple food of Latin American countries in the Caribbean, Central, and South America.  Plantains can […]

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Coconut Silk Body Glow

May 20, 2013

Living the spa life for a week rejuvenating not just my body but my soul was a wonderful experience. At the Como Shambala Spa, Turk & Caicos the philosophy is a holistic tropical spa experience where the emphasis is curative  and preventative. I took pleasure in ancient Asian beauty treatments for the body and mind […]

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The Green Clean

May 7, 2013

I needed a little juice therapy today! Taking inspiration from my recent trip to Turks & Caicos I decided to duplicate one of the juices from the Parrot Cay resort. Daily we would be greeted with a  beautiful and nutritious  breakfast were we had access to fresh pressed juices and energy giving smoothies. It was […]

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Coconut Mango Banana Smoothie

April 27, 2013

A taste of the tropics and inspired by  the energy giving smoothies in Parrot Cay, Turks & Caicos.  I had the pleasure to take a beautiful hike through the resorts private banana and coconut  plantations and enjoyed  the fruits of their labour with home grown bananas and coconuts used in many of their delicious recipes. […]

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Happy New Year

August 8, 2010
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Each birthday is a new beginning, full of promise and opportunity; today is the first day of the last year celebrating my 30’s, I keep calling it the big one before the BIG ONE! I always look at my birthday as my “New Year” and this year will be about letting go and a re-birth. […]

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Tea Time

June 23, 2010
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Tea Plucker in Munnar-~ photo by yours truly In India tea is much more than a drink: it is an experience steeped in history, rich with tradition and filled with health benefits. “Tea Time” is serious business right from starting the day by making our own Masala Chai tea (infused with spices, fresh ginger, cardamom, […]

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Masala Chai

June 23, 2010
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Masala Chai @ the Tea Pot, Ft Cochin, Kerala I love a good cup of chai and this recipe taken from my friend Laura Silverman’s Blog Glutton for Life is yummy. In my recent travels to India, I had the pleasure of enjoying a masala chai daily -actually several times a day. See Post “Tea […]

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Keralan Fish Moilee

June 22, 2010
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Fresh catch of the day! Photo taken near the Chinese Fishing Nets-Ft. Cochin, Kerala The recipe I’m about to give you is from Kerala– and I love the food from this region. It is such a refined cuisine, in the best sense: the spices are used delicately to produce food that is aromatic rather than […]

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Eat Pray Shop

June 18, 2010
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I had always dreamed that visiting India at some point in my life would be a pilgrimage and it turned out to be exactly that – my own version of “Eat, Pray, Love” and a pilgrimage of fun! When my friend Sabrina asked me to travel with her and her husband to India to attend […]

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Aquamarine Jewel Full Of Hope & Tranquility

April 20, 2010
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This was my experience every day for one week at The Sivananda Ashram YogaRetreat. It was a true sanctuary of peace and natural beauty located on a paradise-like island with crystal clear water and pure white sand just across the bay from Nassau. My adventure began on a Saturday morning as I arrived on the […]

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