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Winter Sunshine Tonic

January 8, 2016
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While dreaming of palm trees and sunshine this beauty cocktail  gives me the boost I need. The sudden change in weather has me feeling a bit “under the weather” plus the overindulgence during the holidays I’m still feeling the frenzy on my skin and body. I normally juice or prepare a smoothie 2-3 x a […]

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Autumn Beauty

November 1, 2015
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Are you living harmoniously with the season? Observing the natural cycles of our skin and body with every season is great practice for staying healthy and harmonizing our own energy with our environment. In Traditional Chinese Medicine,  a tool to live harmoniously with the seasons, is a great practice where Autumn corresponds to the lungs, […]

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Spicy Mayan Dirty Hot Chocolate

January 9, 2014

Temperatures here in the Northeast are dropping and it’s easy to hibernate and lazy around. Why not get warm while staying energized with this spicy superfood hot coco recipe? Spice things up with a cup of this delicious healthy treat!   Ingredients: 2 Tbsp Raw Organic Coconut Butter 16 oz Nut Milk Of Your Choice […]

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Coconut Silk Body Glow

May 20, 2013

Living the spa life for a week rejuvenating not just my body but my soul was a wonderful experience. At the Como Shambala Spa, Turk & Caicos the philosophy is a holistic tropical spa experience where the emphasis is curative  and preventative. I took pleasure in ancient Asian beauty treatments for the body and mind […]

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Apple Pie Smoothie

February 7, 2013

I whip up this smoothie when I need a sweet tooth fix. It adds something that tastes decadent but still  healthy!  I have a stash of fresh cardamom that my friend brought me from India and thought it would be the perfect addition to this recipe.  The scent is intoxicating and will linger with you […]

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12 Holistic Beauty Tips To Get Beautiful Skin This Season

October 18, 2012

Summer is over and the season of change is upon us. With it our skin and body is faced with a series of issues that right about now need some attention and TLC. Over-played skin that has spent too many days at the beach, enjoying summertime cocktails, late nights or just those lazy days of […]

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In The Mood

February 14, 2011
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In honor of Valentines’ Day this post is all about natural love potions. Popular herbs and aphrodisiacs to keep your libido strong and keep you both in the mood, increasing desire and everything else that comes after that. The best aphrodisiac is having a sexual partner who truly loves you isn’t it? Having sex can […]

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