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10 Steps To Success

November 3, 2013

Every Astrology website   is pointing toward new beginning and major life changes for this months forecast. Did you feel the emotional pressure of October? I sure did, some of us felt it more than others but no one was really immune to it.  October brought many emotions to the surface- desires, memories, deep feelings […]

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Astrological Insights: November

November 1, 2013

“…Life really is all about the story you tell yourself, deep down in the underworld of your consciousness—unconscious stories about your beliefs, your hopes, your prime directive; your fears, your dogma, your captivity. Stories and beliefs which shaped our unconscious when we were children, before we had a say about things. Why not step back […]

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Here & Now

January 1, 2011

An auspicious day the 1111 & in Numerology, 1 is recognized as the beginning, the creator, or essentially the center. No matter where or with whom you spend the day, you’re not alone in hoping for an auspicious year ahead. I  couldn’t wait to say goodbye to 2010, it was an extremely challenging year personally […]

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Astrological Insights: Winter Solstice

December 21, 2009

“Today marks the winter solstice, shortest day  and the longest night of the year. There’s an aura of stillness that envelops the day. It’s not as if things won’t happen or progress, but just that we may be more readily able to connect to a deep sense of peaceful quietude. Today the Sun moves into […]

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Astrological Insights for November : Scorpio New Moon

November 16, 2009
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‘New Moons signal beginnings. Given that this one is in Scorpio—and yesterday we experienced the first of the exact squares of Pluto and Saturn—what is being planted for growth is likely an outcome of having let go of something else. Reflect upon what it is in your life that you have found to have become […]

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Astrological Insights for October-Beauty in the harvest

October 5, 2009

Astrologer and writer Judi Vitale has had her eye on the sky for most of her life. Partnering with Fábula she brings you Astrological insights into wellness. Hello, Everyone! We’ve made it through September and all the ups, downs pushes and pulls of Saturn and Uranus, now we can look forward to more positive energies […]

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